Many times you feel unable to adjust your vision and sense of justice to the scenes before you: “How can pain be glory, and glory require so much pain…” you ask. An obstinate silence meets your cry, your shuffling tears…

When we step away from the sometimes grueling busy-ness of never-ending spiritual activities, when we feel again the coldness of the night, the unsettling vastness around us, the proximity of God and His patient benevolant understanding can reach us more easily, it seems, and we discover a better sense of orientation, one that is part of our very own maturity.

We don’t need to go to any sacred mountain or exalted elders: if we never took another step, God would still be as close as He’ll ever be, right here, right now. And that is really true.

That God is far, or that we are far from Him, is only an illusion, or could it be an echo of our fear of rejection and abandonment. From the moment we were created, God has embedded inside our spirit what some call a “homing instinct.” To seek to be back “home” is the core quest everyone of us is drawn to. Our very lives carry the symbolisms and the allegories to being received and fathered at a deep existential level.

All we aspire to, all we claim as our own, can also be roadmaps to our adamic heart: we seek to experience this cosmic and unshakable sense of belonging that was ours then, before the Fall. Amazingly, we have been brought back home by the Shepherd who came down into the dark valley to share our darkness and rescue us from what we could never defeat on our own.

The Good News is that God has taken upon Himself to restructure Creation from the earthly clay of our misunderstood and mismanaged freedom. The very lie Adam and Eve believed, as we, reflects the precise landing ground of God’s attachment to us: a dependence and vulnerability which at once weakens us, while at the same time renders us magnificently pursued and compatible to be joined to the Godhead by virtue of the Incarnation and Redemption.

God does not lie. Nor does He play ‘hard-to-get.’ You and I don’t need to “mark points” (or cover our nakedness), but by simply abiding in the revelatory stream of the Eternal Bridegroom’s pursuit of us. Hanging out isn’t a profane thing. God reveals Himself. not according to a “one size fits all” scheduled moment or method of encounter. We just ought to keep on responding to simple nudges, and give Him the right and freedom to come closer on His own terms, just as He does for us…

Oh Father God, I bless You that You are not confined to any man-made structures or liturgies. You are so near! You are so HERE! Glory to the Lord God of Israel, Who calls all nations to commune and be filled at His table, adopting us in the kingdom of His dear Son, brightly clothed by His Spirit of Holiness…

May the Shalom of God be with us all today…!

Andre Lefebvre – April 2010