Exploration in Revelatory Arts

Painting a canvas till it disappears and reveals the painter;

Tuning sounds and rhythms with silence,

So music can breathe, incarnated;

Morphing its visible and tactile energy,

The sculptor bends matter to will a new form

Defying its primal essence;

Exposed to the elements,

The writer’s soul pays dearly

With every pen stroke,

The gift of naming beyond words;

Pulsating from grace and gravity,

Rest and movement reveal

The still point of dance…

O u t o f s i l e n c e e m e r g e s t h e u n s p o k e n…

From the dark waters of the soul,

The self, at times deceivingly evanescent,

Projects unto the screen of awareness an image of itself

Wrestled from the creative forge of light and sound,

Merging time, space, ether and matter,

Into the living substance of an experience.

From the clear waters of the abiding spirit,

Intently peering into the soul of God,

A divine reflection settles,

And from a revelation of essence

The human soul is defined

As it soaks the Embrace:

Destined for glory,

Our earthly journey appears in a new light,

We behold perfection

And glimpse into the womb of eternity.

Andre Lefebvre – June 2004