by Laura Rhinehart

I’ve been doing a whole lot of thinking lately on this vast subject…breakthrough. What exactly is it? We sure talk about it a lot. Is it peace in my household, is it a financial windfall blessing, is it the end of all my relational and financial struggles? When does it really happen or manifest? Does praying and crying out for it get it here sooner?

My husband and I have been getting our lives turned upside-down for the last few years. Our circumstances have on many occasions, now being one of them, found themselves looking contrary to the breakthrough message. But over the course of the last few months, after digging, searching, and trying to fix ourselves, we have found ourselves right back where we should have always been smack dab in front of the throne of GRACE. So, if you want to read on, beware, it may shake and rattle some things loose for you, as it has done for us.

We are so programmed to perform in life. It is amazing to me how quickly we resort back to the miserable game of performance when we don’t seem to be experiencing what we call “breakthrough”. Why is it that as long as things are good, bills are paid, kids fed, we have no problem standing and praising God, going to church, giving, but as soon as the things around us, namely needs and desires are not there, we start going over the lists of things in our heads that we are or are not doing that could be keeping us from “breakthrough”.

Then we start into the whole game of “I just don’t understand.” Then we start trying to figure out if there is some curse in operation, or some open door that could possibly be the reason that the things we are believing for are not manifesting. And then, after praying every kind of prayer, and renouncing every kind of curse, we think that suddenly our circumstances will change. And maybe they do change, that is great, but if they don’t, there we are again, questioning the very nature of God’s heart towards us in other words, I just don’t understand, God! Let’s just put it this way, if we had a dollar for every time we’ve done this, we would be gozillionaires!

But what if “breakthrough” isn’t what we think it is, maybe, just maybe, breakthrough is something entirely different what if breakthrough is a person?

When Christ died for us, did he not “breakthrough” the veil that separated us from God? Was it not torn in the temple? Have I not been crucified with Christ, the One who has broken through, and is it no longer I that live, but Christ that lives in me? I think that we often confuse the lack of trials and struggles and financial prosperity with breakthrough. There will always be suffering and trials and tribulations. The Apostle Paul said that he had learned to be content whether he was abased or abounding. And he also said that it was in his own weakness that the Power of Christ was made manifest. Every moment in life is an opportunity to experience Him, even moments (or seasons) of seeming lack! Yippee!

I recently had an encounter with the Lord that was very revealing. I saw myself tethered to a tree, and every time that I tried to run from it, the chain yanked me right back. Anyone relate? All of a sudden, I saw another tree a short distance from me, and this tree was beautiful and I wanted to run into it. But again, every time I would try to run, I would be yanked back over and over, just like a dog that is tied up. Then I heard His Spirit say to me that I was tethered to my own understanding, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was more important for me to understand why all of these things had hurt me and have my soul justified. I kept hearing myself say, “I just don’t understand, I just don’t understand!”…and then quietly I heard Him say, “I never promised you understanding, I promised you peace that surpasses your understanding.”

And then I suddenly realized that freedom for me was waiting in the tree next to me, the tree of LIFE. But to get there I had to let go of my own understanding. But how could I do this on my own? I had tried and tried to let go, but every time would get pulled right back. Then I saw Jesus come, and he was smiling from ear to ear, and he was holding this sword, and he slowly began to dance around the tree with JOY, and in my spirit I could hear Him saying, “I have come to separate the SOUL from the SPIRIT”, and then He joyfully cut the chain that had been binding me to this tree. My decision to let go of my understanding collided with His Power to set me free. I ran as fast as I could to the other tree and found that I could actually run into the tree. It consumed me, He was the tree…and I was found in HIM.

The biggest enemy of Breakthrough was my need to understand all of our circumstances, from everything to pain I still felt from past offenses to financial lack. Do I still struggle? Yes, but I am learning day by day to trust His Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me into all truth. I am choosing daily to not be led by my pain, confusion, lack of understanding or circumstances. And you know what is happening? My mind is being transformed and renewed! I am having more good days than bad ones and anyone who has 4 children knows that good days are better than bad ones : )

We all are being tested right now. Will we make it though to he end? YES! Absolutely! We are fighting the GOOD FIGHT of FAITH. The battle is not with your circumstances, the battle is to believe! Believe that the One who has broken through, Jesus Christ, lives in you and all that you could ever have need of is available to you right this very moment as you BOLDLY approach His beautiful Throne of Grace!

This is your time! This is your year to experience Breakthrough Himself! Hold on! Don’t give up! He is our Champion!

On a side note, my husband and I have been honored to sit under the ministry of John and Beverly Sheasby. I believe they are ones that God is using powerfully in this hour to release the message of His heart to His body. It is the message of Grace and Truth. I highly recommend going to and downloading all of the Seed to Seed messages. They are free of charge and a wonderful way to be washed in the water of His Word every day.

May this year be the realization of Breakthrough for you and your household!!

In the Father is Amazing Love, Michael and Laura Rhinehart

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