Prophetic Word for Soaking.Net

There is a God in heaven, who sends His thunder, who sends His rain
Lifting up all the prisoners, so they’ll dance in His joy again
I have beheld the wonder, of this kingdom of His praise
Where captives retrieve their innocence, and the dead rise from their graves!

And I’ll dance for you! I’ll shout for you, Daughter of Zion, Daughter of grace,
And He’ll run for you, and twirl for you, releasing healing in His wings

There is a God in heaven, and He alone treads the earth
The high places shake, when the morning breaks and He comes to give us birth
Ushering us in to a new day, to a dawn of rest in Him,
Bringing us forth in a new way, to be dancing in His arms again

And He’ll dance for you! He’ll shout for you, Daughter of Zion, Daughter of grace
And you’ll run again, ann you’ll twirl again, dancing in His praise
He wants you dancing in His praise.

So Lord let the prisoners go free!!
So Lord, let the blind eyes see.
Now Lord, come and bring relief
touching earth in victory -
mending Mary at Your feet

And we’ll dance for you! We’ll shout for you – Daughter of Zion, Daughter of grace,
And we’ll run with you and twirl with you, healed by Your wings of praise,
healed by Your wings of praise -
resting in Your gaze, dancing in this place – now.

Release! Release! Release! Release the sound of heaven
in waves
upon Your sheep – deep calling unto deep -
the dead awaken from their sleep,
slumbering souls no longer weep,
but leap, but leap, but LEAP!

New heights for the ransomed, says the Lord.
Behold the King of Kings, and His reward
is found in the least of these
who surround Him as perfume at His feet.

Be released.

In waves…the Lord says your healing, Daughter of Zion, is going to come in waves . Do not despair though it feels long in coming, for I am ever working on Your behalf. I see the Lord is gathering jewels – very carefully, with each step of our journeys, He is carefully choosing the jewel He wishes to fashion – the gift, the glory, that will accompany the trial and that will ultimately become the mansion He is preparing for us. “There is more waiting for you than you now realize, so don’t lose heart, and don’t give up,” says the Lord.

MY children. MY children. My own.

(prophetic word given to Kimberly Lefebvre in June 2009 while interceding over prayer requests in the Soaking.Net prayer box)