Understanding the written Word – Knowing the Living Word

“39 You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. 40 But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.” John 5:39-40

“Follow me. Trust me. Come to me. I am the truth, says Jesus.

The implication is important. Reading, studying, and understanding the Bible is not the goal of the Christ-follower. Bible knowledge is just a step toward the goal of following Jesus.
According to Thomas Adams, “The Bible is to us what the start was to the wise men; but if we spend all our time gazing upon it, observing its motions, and admiring its splendor,
without being led to Christ by it, the use of it will be lost on us.” (Bruxy Cavey – The End of Religion)

God’s mind is expressed through the written words of the Word, but God’s heart is expressed through the lives of those who are spoken about in His written Word. We can separate God’s mind from His heart in an attempt to compensate for our inability to make sense of what happens to us, but we know it would be as wrong as it would be for God to separate our minds from our hearts when He considers us.

God incarnate is God’s heart written before us through the life of His Son, Yeshua the Anointed. Our lives as sons and daughters, born of the Spirit, are an exercise in learning to read His Word and comprehend what we read in such a way that we act it out as being second nature. It goes beyond the written word and into the Living Word, carrying with it a trail of change pointing to God’s perfections as revealed on the canvas of our lives.

God’s promises are written in the literal words, but evidenced through the numerous life stories He inspired sacred writers to journal through History. Theology and doctrine may speak of the reality of God’s revelation, and renew our minds, but only our life can verify truth as true. And as we move from fear to faith, we move from expectation of rejection, of judgment, we move from what has been sowed in us through the world, and focus on the garden growing in us through God’s Spirit transforming seed into fruit, according to the Seed we have received from heaven.

As well, the Word of God is alive, and yet, can only be evidenced through our lives, as it takes root in our own heart and grows said heart into a living epistle, a revelatory book. Any other life we may think we have in Christ is only a preamble to the real journey, if we live it apart from the journey to and from the cross. It cannot be mistaken from life if it’s only compliance to rules. God needs to find Himself in us, just as we are to be found in Christ.

I praise You Heavenly Father, for being with me every second of every day, and for welcoming me further beyond the veil, like a father facing his young child, holding his two hands as he learns to walk, egging him on to continue forward, his beaming smile exuding such favor and embracing the child’s whole being, an experience that will forever be imprinted as a most powerful light, a reminder that will be prompted time and time again through the dark nights of this world’s struggles.

We are not alone. Nothing is wrong with who we are, only with what we try to do if we try to be someone we’re not, to the image of our own understanding of holiness. We have to wisely and judiciously stop hiding our nakedness and accept who we are, often revealed through the pain we ourselves may have inflicted on others because of our own sinfulness. That’s where change can truly start happening, where grace unfolds as a blessed discovery, and mercy is learned and gladly extended. It’s not work anymore, it’s life. It’s not words anymore, but actions, manifestating Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

God is at work in us. We have to give Him access to the jar of clay we are. We are loved, fed, lead, protected and brought up by the One Sure Hand, to the level of His smile, beaming His favor on us, hurling out of us all the dust of self-loathing and doubt that dare to challenge His rule. It is but a matter of time… Today maybe?

Have hope… and pay attention to follow the song it breathes as it reverberates through the land of your heart. Through. Carrying you.

Andre Lefebvre