by Debra Lowe on 12/28/2010

For all who have endured a great fight of affliction this year, look forward to the shifting of the winds. The winds of adversity that were blowing hard against you and were trying to move you off course will now shift in your favor. Instead of blowing against you it will now be used to assist you and blow you to the destination that has been planned for you. Rather than you furiously flapping your wings in the wind and being in opposition to the force, now you will be able to stretch your wings out and soar.

Because you faithfully withstood the contrary forces, I will now cause you to enter into a season of supernatural ease. Even though the winds of opposition will still be blowing, I will use them to assist you into this season of ease. You have labored to enter into this rest of Mine.

You refused to give up and quit, so get ready for your springtime! I have laughed the enemy to scorn, for he thought that he had killed some things in your life. Yet I had covered them up and kept the seeds growing, because you hid yourself in Me, therefore I have made you inaccessible to him. All of a sudden blooms of the new will begin to crop up in your life, yes, the desert places in your life will begin to blossom as a rose.

It will be a time of walking in the revelation, for my children who truly believe will do My Word with great efficiency and skill. All who are planted and fixed, My trees of righteousness, will bring forth their fruit in abundance in their season. Expect and look for your season of ease, right in the middle of the winds.

Scripture References:

Song 2:11-13
Heb. 4:11