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I was browsing some “ancient” writings about grace and found this one particularly helpful regarding the unshakable assurance of the power and holiness of Christ in us who believe, and the authority of the believer to draw upon that assurance for victory over sin, the world and the devil in our daily life this side of eternity. May you be blessed!

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By Thomas Brooks (1608 – 1680)

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us–for we
are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11

Though Satan can never rob a believer of his crown, yet such is his malice and envy, that he will leave no stone unturned, no means unattempted, to rob them of their comfort and peace – to make their life a burden and a hell unto them, to cause them to spend their days in sorrow and mourning, in sighing and complaining, in doubting and questioning. “Surely,” he says, “we have no interest in Christ; our graces are not true, our hopes are the hopes of hypocrites; our confidence is our presumption, our enjoyments are our delusions.”

Blessed John Bradford (the martyr) in one of his epistles, says thus, “O Lord, sometime methinks I feel it so with me – as if there were no difference between my heart and the wicked. I have a blind mind as they, a stout, stubborn, rebellious hard heart as they,” and so he goes on.

I shall show you this in some particulars:

DEVICE 1. The first device that Satan has to keep souls in a sad, doubting, and questioning condition, and so making their life a hell, is, By causing them to be still poring and musing upon sin, to mind their sins more than their Savior; yes, so to mind their sins as to forget, yes, to neglect their Savior; that, as the Psalmist speaks, “The Lord is not in all their thoughts” (Psalm 10:4). Their eyes are so fixed upon their disease, that they cannot see the remedy, though it be near; and they do so muse upon their debts, that they have neither mind nor heart to think of their Surety. A Christian should wear Christ in his bosom as a flower of delight, for he is a whole paradise of delight. He who minds not Christ more than his sin, can never be thankful and fruitful as he should.

Remedy (1). The first remedy is for weak believers to consider, That though Jesus Christ has not freed them from the presence of sin, yet he has freed them from the damnatory power of sin. It is most true that sin and grace were never born together, neither shall sin and grace die together; yet while a believer breathes in this world, they must live together, they must keep house together.

Christ in this life will not free any believer from the presence of any one sin, though he does free every believer from the damning power of every sin. “There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh – but after the Spirit” (Rom. 8:1). The law cannot condemn a believer, for Christ has fulfilled it for him; divine justice cannot condemn him, for that Christ has satisfied; his sins cannot condemn him, for they in the blood of Christ are pardoned; and his own conscience, upon righteous grounds, cannot condemn him, because Christ, that is greater than his conscience, has acquitted him.

My sins hurt me not, if they like me not. Sin is like that wild fig-tree, or ivy in the wall; cut off stump, body, bough, and branches, yet some strings or other will sprout out again, until the wall be plucked down.

Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices
by Thomas Brooks

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