Closer to Home

by Kimberly Lefebvre

Would I have known this gladness

  without the mourning in my heart

    that made room for You?

Look what You’ve created from the ashes -

  beauty like a crown

    that came from finding You.

  Is my boast made of what I scorned -

    a weakness that made room for Your power?

  Is my boast made of what I’ve learned -

    to lean on You in my darkest hour?

Would I have reached to touch Your garment

  if healing was not needed

    for my brokenness?

And would You be singing Your love song

  through this vessel

    had she not known such weakness?

  Your inheritance is in us -

    our tears will be turned to songs of joy.

  And tests that buffet and assail us

    are only tools that lead us closer to our home.

Would I tell others of Your comfort

  if not needing it myself

    to see me through?

I will exalt in Your glory,

  for the things that show my weakness

    are my boast in You.

Your heart, oh God,

  is searching for a resting place -

    making room in our own through our pain;

And the sufferings we know at present

  are not worth to be compared

    with the glory that will remain!

For Your story, oh God,

  is written in the least of us -

    rejected by the world to be Your own;

So I will bow low and kiss redemption

  for the things that I despised

    have led me home.