Mary, Why Are You Weeping?

I am at Your tomb, looking for You,
Where have You gone?
My heart breaks with weeping,
You carried me…How can I go on?

They have taken my Lord away!
I cannot find Him and I need Him to stay.
How could two so close be separated
by this world?

“Mary, why are you weeping?
And who is it that you are looking for?”
She didn’t recognize You
though You were still her Lord,
Standing right in front of her,
veiled by her tears
when You first appeared,
Still, just hearing her name from Your lips
and she’d be reassured.

My own tears wash Your feet,
though I have come
and found the grave empty.
But maybe just like Mary,
I’ll look up and see You standing by me…

Standing right in front of me,
drying my tears as when You first appeared,
And then, just hearing my name on Your lips
and I’ll be reassured…

Yes, I will be like Mary
at the end of all my pain,
for You will call and I will hear,
and I know, I will see You again…

“Mary, why are you weeping?”

(from The Boast of the Broken-Hearted by Kimberly Lefebvre) available from

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