2 thoughts on “My Holy Passion – by Kimberly Lefebvre

  1. WOW! What a beautiful love sonnet to our Father, our Saviour, our Lord, our Beloved! This is the cry that comes out of the deepest part of our hearts when we are totally yielded to His Will alone. Thank you for sharing this. Joy

  2. Well put Joy. :) And it’s the cry that comes from a soul who met a God who cherished the tears others scorned, and called “beautiful” a soft heart when others had deemed it weak and undeserving. HE is beautiful and He raises us up in His image as He loves us. :)

    I’m glad He noticed me when He passed by, and chose me and even told me ‘why.’ I’m glad that God doesn’t lie and I can believe Him when He says my tears are worship and not to be despised.

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