2 thoughts on “Where Shadows Passed

  1. Beautiful song. It touched my soul and reminding me to hold on for God knows what is best for me. Love it.

  2. “Turning Over a New Leaf”
    Out of the Closet and into the Light
    “If it didn’t have a beautiful ending, my story would be too painful to tell.”
    Addicted to alcohol by 10 years old, a young girl’s life was in shambles. As an adult, she sought relief from personal pain, used street drugs, gambled and sought love and acceptance through homosexual relationships. Due to abuse from others and her own poor choices, she also suffered from serious health issues. After seeking professional counseling, help from rehab centers, and the use of pharmaceutical drugs, she still felt hopeless. Longing for change and feeling powerless to achieve it, Teri sought God’s help as a last resort. She experienced many miraculous changes in her life. Because of God’s power, she “turned over a new leaf.”
    Teri Leef is a survivor of childhood abuse, forced addictions and poor personal choices that were influenced by traumatic childhood experiences. Teri tells her personal story and encourages others to make their way out of brokenness, hurt and pain. She regularly shares her story of hope and faith. Teri loves reaching out to others through missionary work, both regional and international.
    Teri Leef is from the Northeast US and a family of eight. Suffering emotional and sexual abuse, she became a child alcoholic. Other addictions followed, as well as 40 years of homosexuality. She loves sharing her personal story of how life has been miraculously transformed through faith in Jesus Christ.
    Please pass this along!
    In Christ,
    Teri Leef
    terileef@hotmail.com . 336.977.5280
    Teri leef’s facebook page!
    My Book is available at
    http://www.westbowpress.com. Just look in the book store for the title.

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